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Museum of Mississippi History

The Museum of Mississippi History presents the entire sweep of the state’s history, from earliest times to the present, for all to see and learn. Visitors experience some of the newest interactive technology and exhibits developed by Design Minds.

Visitors learn about the Native Americans and their lasting mark on the state’s history and landscape, the exploration and eventual settlement by Europeans, and the brutal ways in which African men and women were forcibly brought to Mississippi and enslaved. Visitors also learn about secession and the Civil War, Reconstruction, a new constitution, the great migration and flood, two world wars, the impact of technology on farming, the diversification and industrialization of the economy, civil and voting rights gained by women and blacks, the growth and the battle over public education, among many other topics. They revel in the sounds and words of the world’s finest musicians and authors and see the significant impact of Mississippians on culture.

Thousands of Mississippians have donated artifacts, journals, family heirlooms, and other family treasures since 1902 when the Mississippi Department of Archives and History began collecting our state’s history. Visitors travel back in time as they view artifacts such as the 20-star American flag representing Mississippi’s admission into the Union, rare quilts by Mississippi artists, priceless letters, photographs, documents, an ornate necklace donated by descendants of a Federal soldier who stole it from a Jackson home during the Civil War, interviews by present day Choctaw leaders, and even a clock that stopped at the time Hurricane Katrina flooded a home on the Coast.

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